10 Ways to Save


  1. Insulation equals Instant Savings – Is your home properly insulated? Having the proper insulation in your attic, in your walls and by your windows can make a tremendous difference in your Heating and Cooling bills.
  2. Programmable Thermostats Save Time and Money – With a programmable thermostat you can control the temperature of your home without even being there. You can set it to a comfortable temperature during the hours that you are home and have the furnace off during the hours that you are not. Keeping the furnace off while you are out of the house can save almost $200 a year.
  3. Eliminating the Draft can Eliminate Extra Costs – Installing weather stripping or storm windows can be an instant money saver. Even something as simple as a thick set of curtain can do wonders to keep the heat from seeping outside and keep it inside where you need it the most.
  4. New Light Bulbs are a Great Idea – Energy saving light bulbs not only save money in the long run, but you also get the benefit of changing them less often. This is an inexpensive and easy way to save time and money.
  5. Turn Off the Lights! – We’ve all heard our parents say it, we’ve probably even said it to our children. If you are not in the room, turn off the lights! But you can go a step further with this. The same can be said for phone chargers, video game consoles, coffee pots, etc. If you are not using them, turn them off or unplug them. These things suck energy and waste money.
  6. Quick Showers lead to Small Bills – A quick five minute shower takes less water than filling a bath tub. You can even go a step further and install a water saver shower-head to cut down on the flow of water. It’s the simple things that save the most.
  7. Keep Down the Heat – A great way to save on energy is keeping down the temperature of your water heater. A temperature setting as low as 120° is high enough for most household needs, including bathing and washing dishes. Insulating your water heater is another way to cut costs.
  8. Check Your Vents – Make sure everything is properly sealed and all vents and ducts are clean and dust free. It is important to change your furnace filter every month to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.
  9. Using Cold Water Still Cleans – The majority of the energy used to wash clothing is from heating up the water. Washing our clothing in cold water cleans just as well and saves money. Further steps can be taken by drying the laundry on a clothes line.
  10. Energy Efficient Saves in the Long Run – Energy Efficient (such as Energy Star) appliances may cost more up front, but long term they provide a great deal of savings. Sometimes a good investment can reap great rewards.