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Low-Income Energy Assistance Surcharge Set at 93 Cents per Month

Low-income energy assistance surcharge set at 93 cents per month

The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) today set a surcharge of 93 center per meter per month to support the Low-Income Energy Assistance Fund for the 2017-18 fiscal Year. That’s down 3 cents from the current rate.

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Michigan Electric Rate Statistics

June 12, 2017 By Frank Zaski   The following is a summary of electric rates and bills in Michigan. Most data is from the US EIA (Energy Information Administration) and MPSC reports. (Sources listed below)   Summary Michigan’s electric rates, and...

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Summary of UPPCO Rate Case Appeal

There are 3 major issues that CARE is appealing in last year's rate case. In 2014, the former owners of UPPCO sought MPSC approval to transfer ownership to a new group based out of London, England with no previous experience running a utility company. As part of the...

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Summary of UPPCO Rate Case U-17895

On September 18, 2015 Upper Peninsula Power Company (UPPCO) filed an application with the Michigan Public Service Commission (Commission) for a 12.7% rate increase. This is the first rate case since UPPCO was purchased by a subsidiary of the London England...

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2015 Rate Design Case

In proceedings before the MPSC, CARE partnered with another Intervenor to propose a creative rate design that would set electric rates, in part, by the time of day the electricity was used. In other words, during the hottest days of summer, the rates would be highest...

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2014 Plan Case

CARE was the only Intervenor that fully participated in this case. CARE issued three rounds of discovery and was the only party that filed testimony. In his testimony, Dr. Robert Loube focused on the way the company calculated its cost of energy associated with two of...

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2013 Plan Case

In this case, CARE was the only party filing testimony opposing the Company's requested recovery of $38,497,752 of net power supply costs. After extensive discovery, CARE's expert recommended an adjustment in the company's Real Time Market Price (RTMP) sales based on...

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2012 Plan Case

In its initial PSCR filing on September 28, 2011, the Company filed for recoverable electricity supply costs of approximately $51.7 million. CARE conducted five rounds of extensive discovery focusing on many of the Company's proposed assumptions for transmission...

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