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Possible UPPCO Refund Case U-17077

UPPCO 2016 PSCR Reconciliation Case  U-17911-R

UPPCO 2018 PSCR Reconciliation Case U-18406

UMERC  Certificate of Necessity Case to build 2 natural gas plants  U-18224

UMERC 2018 PSCR Plan Case U-18408

Michigan Public Service Commission – Data Comparing Monthly Bills and Rates per kWh

  • Click on “Compare Monthly Bills” to view average monthly bills per utility statewide
  • Click on “Compare Average Rates” to view average rates per utility in cents per kWh

Michigan Public Service Commission – Case U-17895 Docket

Michigan Public Service Commission

The mission of the Michigan Public Service Commission is to grow Michigan’s economy and enhance the quality of life of its communities by assuring safe and reliable energy, telecommunications, and transportation services at reasonable prices.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regulates and oversees energy industries in the economic, environmental, and safety interests of the American public.

National Regulatory Research Institute (NRRI)

By creating new knowledge and democratizing existing knowledge, NRRI seeks to empower utility regulators to make public interest decisions of the highest possible quality.

New Power Tour, Inc.

New Power Tour, Inc. 501(c)3 has been bringing weatherization and education programs to our community through the help of our generous sponsors since 2005.

Utility Rates

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