CARE Files Complaint Asking for Refund on Unlawful U.P. Electric Bill Surcharges

Citizens Against Rate Excess (CARE) filed an official complaint against the Upper Peninsula Power Company (UPPCO) to the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) requesting a refund to Upper Peninsula (U.P.) residential utility customers who were charged an unlawful surcharge on their electric bills.

The Michigan courts have already decided UPPCO imposed this unlawful surcharge on ratepayers in 2010 and beyond. Enbridge Energy first brought this issue to light in 2012. The MPSC ruled against Enbridge and Enbridge appealed and won. UPPCO has since settled with Enbridge out of court and given them a refund, but without addressing refunds for their individual paying customers.

CARE has asked the MPSC to require UPPCO to move forward with a refund to all UPPCO’s residential customers.

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