December 4, 2018

News Article: UPPCO customers to see decreases in bills for next six months

By Lisa Bowers

The Mining Journal

November 21, 2018

Press Release: MPSC approves tax law refunds for customers of Consumers Energy Co., Upper Peninsula Power Co.,4639,7-159-16363-481548–,00.html

September 19, 2018

Editorial: Solar energy proposal near Sawyer airport filled with possibilities

The Mining Journal

September  10, 2018

News Article: Senvion Announces Michigan Wind Power Deal

By Betsy Lillian

North American Wind Power

September 5, 2018

Press Release: Time running out to apply for Home Heating Credit

The Michigan Agency for Energy (MAE) reminds qualified homeowners or renters that they must apply by Sept. 30 to receive the state’s Home Heating Credit.,4580,7-230–476782–,00.html

September 3, 2018

Issue Brief: Rate Cases

This overview from the Michigan Public Service Commission explains how it sets electric and natural gas utility rates for consumers.

August 23, 2018

News Article: Traverse City sets path to 100% renewable energy

By Jim Carruthers, Detroit Free Press

The mayor of Traverse City, Michigan, says the declining costs of renewable energy makes the city utility’s 100 percent renewable energy goal a “smart investment for customers.”

August 23, 2018

Opinion: Michigan residents, businesses must fight for solar energy rights

Bridge Magazine 

Solar advocates say Michigan lawmakers should be doing more to protect net metering policy as utilities seek to undermine it.

July 17, 2018 News Release: Lock in propane prices ahead of the heating season, get an early fill The Michigan Agency for Energy (MAE) is advising propane customers to lock in their fuel prices ahead of heating season.,4580,7-230–473015–,00.html

July 11, 2018 News Release: As summer heat lingers, MAE offers tips to seniors on how to stay cool while keeping utility bills down Some tips from the Michigan Agency for Energy (MAE) for how senior citizens can stay cool this summer while keeping their energy bills in check.,4580,7-230–472554–,00.html

July 10, 2018 Have you ever looked at your electric bill and seen an “estimated bill?” Sometimes, your utility company can’t read your meter so they estimate your electricity use. This can lead to overpayment. Here are some of your rights as a ratepayer when it comes to estimated bills. MPSC-flyer-on-Estimated-Bills

July 10, 2018 Keynote Presentation at Solar Canada 2018: Beyond 30% Renewable Electricity in Alberta – Supply-Mix Considerations  Presented June 20, 2018 by Dr. Christopher Clack of Vibrant Clean Energy This presentation shows how an energy system that emphasizes clean energy sources like wind, solar and battery storage can be cost-effective compared to one that relies more on power plants that burn fossil fuels. It demonstrates how other parts of North America are looking at clean energy sources to meet energy demand. To download the presentation, go here and select “Read Only” when prompted:

White Paper: OPEN-ACCESS POWER GENERATION: The Need for Structural Separation of Michigan’s Electric Utility Industry By Dr. Gary Wolfram, Ph.D.

May 21, 2018 News Article: Grid ‘seams’ still a challenge for long-distance transmission developers By Karen Uhlenhuth Energy News Network

Infographic: Upper Peninsula Residential Electric Rates


Possible UPPCO Refund Case U-17077

UPPCO 2016 PSCR Reconciliation Case  U-17911-R

UPPCO 2018 PSCR Reconciliation Case U-18406

UMERC  Certificate of Necessity Case to build 2 natural gas plants  U-18224

UMERC 2018 PSCR Plan Case U-18408

Michigan Public Service Commission – Data Comparing Monthly Bills and Rates per kWh

  • Click on “Compare Monthly Bills” to view average monthly bills per utility statewide
  • Click on “Compare Average Rates” to view average rates per utility in cents per kWh

Michigan Public Service Commission – Case U-17895 Docket

Michigan Public Service Commission

The mission of the Michigan Public Service Commission is to grow Michigan’s economy and enhance the quality of life of its communities by assuring safe and reliable energy, telecommunications, and transportation services at reasonable prices.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regulates and oversees energy industries in the economic, environmental, and safety interests of the American public.

National Regulatory Research Institute (NRRI)

By creating new knowledge and democratizing existing knowledge, NRRI seeks to empower utility regulators to make public interest decisions of the highest possible quality.

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